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From Farms with Love

Premium Whole Red Pepper Corn

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The King of Peppercorn. Our From Farms With Love Red Peppercorn are fully ripened berries that are bright red in colour when they are picked. Once picked, oxidation takes place and they look like very large black peppercorns, with a slight reddish-burgundy hue mixed with a little black colour. Once crushed, a complex fruity, bright, sweet and earthy aromatic releases. Heat releases gradually and persists. The heat grows and builds over time, fruit notes develops, sweetness and heat in a beautiful equilibrium. Red peppercorn can be used to enhance almost any dish, including salads, all meats, pasta/noodles, cheese, pizza and even Ice Cream and chocolate. 

Each tin contains two individually vacuumed 30g bags ensuring the freshest at each refill.

Dried by infrared radiation, our From Farms With Love peppercorn not only have lower levels of environmental pollutants compared to sun dried methods, the peppercorn also retains higher levels of nutritional value in every single peppercorn. Our peppercorn can be kept for 36 months in our airtight containers in cool dry places.

Harvest in Feb 2021, Gia Lai, Vietnam. 

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