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Nam Xanh

Nam Xanh Gac and Honey Coated Lotus Seeds | 100g

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HONEY GAC DRY Lotus Seeds will be suitable for

  • 💐Pregnant women and postpartum mothers, need to supplement with healthy nutrients 
  • 💐Gym, yoga, people who want to find healthy snacks, support weight loss 
  • 💐People who often go on business trips, need to bring food with them 
  • 💐 Busy people, need to have food ready to eat at the office 
  • 💐People who stay up at night need to find convenient, fat-free food

Gac fruit is a fruit with thorns, inside is six-pack with a characteristic dark red color, used in cuisine and medicine. Gac is grown in the northern and central provinces and can only harvest one crop a year within two months.

Although the stem of the Gac tree is slender, the fruit contains admirable nutrients. The dark red color of gac fruit is made up of carotene and lycopene compounds, so gac has the effect of helping to brighten eyes, beautify skin and prevent cancer. In cuisine, gac is most commonly used to make sticky rice, a nutritious dish loved by children.

Lotus seeds have natural ingredients that protect everyone's health.  Realizing great benefits from lotus seeds,  Nam Xanh  has created the most natural lotus seed products, combined with honey, coconut, gac, ginger. ... sounds strange but will make you satisfied with  Nam Xanh 's products.

Lotus seeds are the quintessence of Vietnamese heaven, the lotus seeds are crispy, round, bring many nutrients, regulate the body, bring health to the whole family. It would be good for the whole family to just gather around and sip a little lotus seed with a cup of hot tea, imagining a reunion on Tet holidays.

In  Nam Xanh , lotus seeds are further enhanced with new nutritional values, a combination of natural and familiar flavors such as gac, coconut, honey, ginger, perilla leaves, turmeric ... but have brought them to give lotus seeds a new shape, more delicious, more beautiful, more nutritious.

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