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Nam Xanh

Nam Xanh Dried Lotus Seeds with Perilla Leaves | 40g

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Perilla leaves are used as one of the foods to increase the attractiveness of the dish. 

    Perilla seeds have a large essential oil content and are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, mainly alpha-linoleic acid. Perilla leaves contain about 0.2% pure essential oil and hydrocarbons, aldehydes, ketones, furans... Perilla leaf extract has been shown to have antioxidant, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-depressant properties.

    ☘ Perilla leaf extract has been shown to inhibit tyrosinase and melatonin synthesis in rats. This is a potential application of perilla for skin lightening. Drinking perilla leaf juice every day replenishes the body with a large amount of nutrients that play a role in preventing the formation of melanin pigment - the cause of melasma, freckles, brown spots on the skin. The rich source of minerals in this natural material also helps to improve pigmentation, exfoliate dead cells, thereby erasing melasma, whitening skin extremely quickly.

     There are two main types of perilla plants:

  • Perilla:  The leaves are green on both sides and the edges are serrated
  • Purple perilla:  Also known as red perilla. The two sides of the leaves are red. The edges of the leaves are serrated

   ☘ In order to bring quality products to consumers, Nam Xanh team  is constantly creating unique recipes, going through countless trials with new salts with different concentrations of spices. create their own unique products. 

  ☘Therefore,  dried perilla leaf  products from  Nam Xanh  all have their own unique characteristics from the formulas that have been concluded after many times of testing and improving.

And not only that,  Nam Xanh  will always continue to do creative research to create more and more unique and quality products to bring the best to its customers.

Suitable for:

💐Pregnant women and postpartum mothers, need to supplement with healthy nutrients 

💐Gym, yoga, people who want to find healthy snacks, support weight loss 

💐People who often go on business trips, need to bring food with them 

💐 Busy people, need to have food ready to eat at the office 

💐People who stay up at night need to find convenient, fat-free food 

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