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Nam Xanh

Nam Xanh Fresh Coconut and Honey Coated Cashew (100g)

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Iconic to tropical climates, coconuts are no stranger to Vietnam. Lining the coastline and Mekong Delta, the open-air markets and local restaurants, coconuts serve as more than just a refreshing drink.

While high in potassium and a tasty way to rehydrate, coconuts are used for many of Vietnam’s sweets. The Delta province of Bến Tre, where Nam Xanh sources its coconuts, is known for its coconut candy — a combination of dried coconut, coconut milk and coconut cream.

Nam Xanh has taken the coconut a step further: using it to provide flavor for a variety of nuts. Using dried coconut flesh that has soaked up the essence of the aromatically sweet coconut juice, Nam Xanh coats its nuts and presents to you a rich, creamy and unique combination.

Let’s enjoy and share so that the innovative story can be kept on writing.

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