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L'amant Golden Drop Espresso (100% Arabica) Roasted Coffee Bean | 250g

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Ingredients:  100% Arabica

Flavour: Tropical fruity, floral, light sour, sweet, sweet aftertaste

Roast level:  Medium roast

Product Features: This is a special product that produces golden coffee drops when brewing, with high quality blend of Arabica coffee beans from Vietnam. This medium roasted blend has perfect taste when served as Espresso.

Outstanding strength:  100% pure and clean product. No impurities. No flavouring additives. No preservatives harmful to users' health. The product is processed with a strict and modern process: green coffee beans are stored in cold storage for 6 months before being roasted and ground on the Italian Probat system. Finished products are preserved with composite plastic packaging, with direct contact LLDPE film and one-way locking valve, ensuring high food safety and hygiene standards and preserving the full flavour of coffee inside.

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