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Alambe Vietnamese Coffee | Single Serve Sachet Starter Pack

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Single Serve Starter Packs
Can't decide which flavour to buy? Get a taste of all of Alambé's freshly roast and ground Coffee (not to be confused with soluble coffee) in easy to prepare single-serve sachets, without the full commitment (for now)! 

All of our coffees are handcraft roasted; temperatures and timing are carefully adjusted for every single batch and every single variety. We aim to present to our customers a complete experience of the Finest Vietnamese Coffees.

Single Origin | French Roast Robusta | Vietnam Style Roast
Contrary to popular belief, Robusta coffee is not an inferior variety - it simply offers a more intense experience revealing hints of chocolate and tobacco.

Single Origin | Direct Trade Robusta | Espresso Roast
Direct trade coffee beans sourced directly from local farmers in Kon Tum. Our 100% direct trade honey processed Robusta is carefully roasted to brew a cup of Espresso coffee with a mild and sweet palate.

Blends | Italian Style Espresso | Espresso Roast
High quality Arabica beans lend this great Espresso blend acidity, while the richness of our Robusta beans provide the rich underlying body.

Direct Trade Specialty Coffee Arabica Var. Typica | Omni Roast
Our Arabica var. Typica beans are grown in the ethnic minority village of Da Sar in the province of Lam Dong. A direct trade specialty coffee with a unique mellow cup indicating a hint of citrus. 

Direct Trade Specialty Coffee Arabica Var. Bourbon | Omni Roast
This variety was first produced in Île de la Réunion, also known as Île Bourbon. Our 100% Arabica variety Bourbon  showcases beautiful and delicate aromas like the fragrance of orange blossoms.

Traditional Vietnamese Blend | Vietnam Style Roast
Sai Gon is an exquisite blend of Vietnam's best Arabica and Robusta coffee beans carefully roasted, recreating the traditional Vietnam style of coffee; full of strong flavours.

How to Prepare: Single-Serve Sachets
These single serve sachets are not only a perfect gift but they're also amazing for travel; they are to be used just as you would a tea bag. Simply fix the paper filter on top of your mug and pour hot water over it.

The sachets contain freshly roast and ground coffee, allowing consumers to experience the true coffee flavours. Contrary to soluble coffee, this method uses no chemicals and no additives.
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