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Alambe Kon Tum Whole Roasted Coffee Beans 230g

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Enjoy the unique taste of Alambe Kon Tum Whole Roasted Coffee Beans. This pack contains 230g of quality-checked beans that are set to expire end of May 2023. As a clearance item, you can enjoy the rich flavor and aroma of the coffee beans at a discount. Plus, the beans stay flavorful even after expiration date so you can enjoy them until the last drop.

Direct Trade Robusta
Roasting Grade: Espresso Roast

The remote Kon Tum province is located in the northernmost region of Vietnam’s Central Highlands. Our jungle green packaging embodies the philosophy which is at the heart of our production: sustainability.

The majority of Vietnamese Coffee farmers follow Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and are certified under various sustainability logos. However, only a few are registered and certified by Fairtrade or similar organizations.

For many years we have been working with our farmers to establish the working parameters and quality for the coffee we purchase from them. Because we are a company located in Vietnam working directly with the coffee farmers and suppliers we have opted to skip Fairtrade and instead use “Direct Trade” - an initiative we share with other reputable coffee and cocoa manufactures around the world.

Direct trade coffee beans sourced directly from local farmers in Kon Tum. Our 100% direct trade honey processed Robusta is carefully roasted to brew a cup of Espresso coffee with a mild and sweet palate.

For Alambé's Kon Tum coffee, our farmers carefully remove the skin, leaving the mucilage - also called honey - on the seed. This mucilage, full of sweetness, dries on the seed and gives it a beautiful amber color, reminiscent of honey.

This so-called honey process is not only innovative, it is also sustainable. Not only does the mucilage add different layers of aroma to the coffee, the honey process also allows the farmers to use less water, playing their part in a more responsible and sustainable way of producing and consuming. When carefully roasted to brew a cup of Espresso coffee it unveils a mild and sweet aroma.

When processing correctly, honey processed coffee will taste like someone has added honey in your cup of coffee, the name of this method actually comes from how sticky the beans get during the process.

In the honey process method, we remove the cherry’s skin and pulp, while leaving some of the mucilage in place. Then, the coffee is put on raised beds/ drying tables. This process impacts the coffee’s acidity since honey process beans spend less time in the water than washed beans do, less fermentation occurs, so not as much of the sugar in the bean is converted to acid.

This way of processing coffee tends to combine the best aspects of both the washed and natural process, the coffee tends to be sweet and fruity like a natural process and has less acidity than the washed coffee.

Best prepared: Espresso Machine, Mokka Pot, French Press

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