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Scientists have known for decades that redox signalling molecules facilitate communication between cells, helping to protect, rejuvenate, and keep cells functioning at an optimal level.

Chances are not many people have heard of redox signalling, but this is not a new area of science. The field of redox has been researched for decades, multiple Nobel prizes have been awarded for discoveries related to it, many peer-reviewed scientific papers have been written on the subject and in the recent years more research institutes and universities are establishing redox laboratory to study and research more about redox signalling with advances in technology.

What are redox signaling molecules?

An emerging field of science, Redox Biochemistry, has discovered some very special molecules, called redox signalling molecules. Redox signalling is cellular communication within a living organism and is essential for normal cell function. In fact, a wide range of biochemical and physiological processes critically depend on redox signalling in and among our cells.

Redox signalling molecules are produced within every cell in your body. They either carry the message that tells our cells to activate the antioxidants that have been manufactured and stored in your body or they amplify cellular signals for repair, restoration, and replacement.

Why is redox signalling so important?

Oxidative stress is a degenerative progress inside the body. It is similar to rusting. This rusting is brought about by the aging process and other epigenetic factors such as bad diet choices, poor sleep, stress, and environmental toxins. These epigenetic factors weaken our innate cellular defences and normal function. The end result "turns off" genes and genetic pathways.

Cells become less able to produce and maintain a proper balance of redox molecules. Reduced amounts of redox signalling molecules result in less efficient cellular function, less antioxidant activity, and less repair, restoration, and replacement.

This is why we begin to see the signs of aging and the beginning of chronic diseases. Approximately 95% of all adult chronic aging issues are attributed to oxidative stress and the chronic degenerative inflammation that follows.

Why are there not many redox signalling products in the market?

Redox signalling molecules are extremely difficult to stabilize. Only a few scientists have been able to do so but replicating the stabilization for commercial use has been very challenging. 

ASEA Redox Cell Signalling Supplement

ASEA REDOX is the first and only supplement on the market that contains active Redox Signaling Molecules, powerful cellular messengers that help protect, rejuvenate, and restore cells.

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ASEA Renu 28

RENU28 is a whole body skin therapy that has been shown to make visible improvements in skin, adding smoothness, evening out texture, and increasing moisture and elasticity with Redox Signaling Molecules that actually revitalise your skin’s health, not just its appearance.

RENU28 is the most advanced anti-aging skin therapy available today, because it is the only product in the world that contains Redox Signaling Molecules which improves our cell communication.

RENU28 is a unique patented product that gets results - not just at a skin-deep level, but with any challenge that is close to the skin’s surface.

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